Magnificent trees bleached by the sun and weathered by the salt air



Seven miles of pristine shoreline punctuated with one and half miles of the Boneyard Beach.  It's hard to believe it until you see it for yourself.

We've heard it described as a living Dali painting.  And there is a bit of the surreal when you walk into this forest that has been stranded in the surf.  Over time, as the north end of the island has eroded, the maritime forest has moved into the ocean.  Live Oaks and Red Cedars stand in the surf, bleached by the sun and changed into botanical skeletons.

Our guides and captains have been taking people to Boneyard Beach for almost 20 years, and it never loses its wonder for us.  And it is all the more spectacular by the fact that there is no sign of man from this shoreline.

If you take a trip to the coast of South Carolina and you miss a chance to see this, you are missing more than you'll ever know.


Ways to See the Boneyard:

Bulls Island Ferry

Boneyard Beach Sunrise Expedition

Bulls Island Beach Drop

Bulls Island Multi-day Expedition